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Inventory and Orders in your Hand



  • Use your Android cell phone to manage inventory and orders
  • Load inventory item records, customers, and orders into your phone
  • Order entry function with Quick Entry option
  • Enter orders and scan barcodes to add items to an order
  • Staggering sort and search options for items and orders
  • Find items in inventory by words in the descriptions or find by barcode scan
  • WEB information for latest item status
  • WEB pictures of inventory items
  • One click Add order over Internet
  • Import/Export tools
  • Do physical inventory counts and update Home Office with transactions
  • Use Bluetooth scanners in addition to the camera scanning
  • Store customer and ship-to information in Contacts or Customer Table
  • Electronic Data Interchange file transfers
  • Delimited text files for exporting and importing all data - Import to Spreadsheet
  • PDF printing of orders right on you Android
  • Support for Cloud storage
  • Special Passport Business Solutions custom integration features
  • Appropriate for sales people, plant personnel, managers, customers

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Passport Business Solutions Accounting Software


  • Multi-user under Windows PC’s, Windows Servers, and Linux
  • Multi-Company with General Ledger Consolidation
  • Multi-Warehouse control of inventory
  • In Context help in data entry fields
  • Pull Down menus
  • Pop Up Window for information selection in data entry fields
  • Batch Processing
  • Import/Export tools
  • Immediate invoicing
  • Kit processing in inventory to build finished goods from raw materials
  • Automated entry features for placing customer orders and purchase orders

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Programming and Technical Services

COBOL Programming

  • MICRO FOCUS. development
  • Upgrades from all older RealWorld releases to current Passport Software
  • Full customized systems programmed with integration to Passport PBS
  • Minor and major customizations for Passport PBS

Internet system administration and support

  • Keep your Passport software updated with our help
  • User administration
  • Server administration
  • Windows installations
  • Linux installations

Support contracts and labor rates available on request.

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MICR Encoding for Passport Business Solutions

MSPI is offering custom programs to support MICR encoded checks


  • Accounts Payable General Checks
  • Accounts Payable Immediate Checks
  • Payroll Checks
  • All checks on one Laser Form


What the Customized Programs do:

All of the PBS check printing programs have been revised to support the printing of the MICR font encoded bank information. This consists of the check number, the Bank Route number, and the Checking Account number. The Cash Accounts maintenance and print programs have been revised to support the entry of the Bank Route number and the Checking Account number for each cash account. Thus, through the use of separate cash accounts, you can print checks for multiple companies with different bank route numbers and different checking account numbers. Check numbering is controlled by the standard next check number fields in the Cash Account record. This allows you to use one blank laser check form for all of your check printing requirements within PBS. These revisions are available for all major platforms running Passport Business Solutions versions 12.00 and greater. And, a simple font card is available that immediately enables most HP LaserJet and HP LaserJet compatible printers for the required MICR font.

Printer Requirements and information

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